1 Mar 2016

Kodaikanal ride

Motorcycling to Kodaikanal

 The Princess of hill stations

          This destination cropped up while looking for a good place to escape Chennai's heat for a couple of days.I with three of my friends set out on two motorcycles, a Hero Honda Hunk and a Yamaha FZ-S early in the morning to avoid traffic and the Sun's heat.
Our bikes minus the Glamour

          The NH45 is quite smooth and we covered some 75kms before stopping for a breakfast of Idlis and coffee.We reached Trichy in the afternoon and headed out straight for Dindigul skipping lunch.
resting in the shade of a bus stand
With the Sun now midway to dusk the scenery started changing from boring straight roads and arid landscape to greenery and curvy roads along the SH145.
Hills outlined afar
          The ascent to Kodai started, 50kms to go.Already feeling the cool breeze.
By the time we reached  Kodai it was starting to get dark and we got ourselves accommodation and after a went straight to sleep after dining on noodles and chicken fried rice.We started our tour by first visiting Coaker's walk which provides a good view of the town and the hills from a height.

      Next we went to Liril falls and Fairy falls, both dry at this time of the year.However Vattakanal falls had water and looked serene.

My friend Sagar

Levinge stream

            We visited the La Saleth Church which is quite beautiful.It's bright colours stood in stark conrast to the clouds that had descended upon the place.

Peaceful and serene

Me and my friends Sagar(white shirt) and Rajeev(cap)

Lumia 1020

       We then went back in town for our lunch of rice, sambhar and some curried vegetables.After a brief rest we headed for Guna caves but there was nothing special to see.

Left to right-Rajeev,Me,Ranjeet

       We called it a day the rest of sightseeing places lay in the reserve forest area which was closed before dusk.

       Next day after a filling breakfast of Idlis and spicy chutney we rode to the forest reserve area.

A glimpse of Pillar rocks enroute

       Sadly the shorter route to Berijam lake was open only for four wheelers and we had to take another route which was nearly double the distance but was rewarding as it had numerous smooth curves to lean the bike.

Majestic views all the way

        After an hours riding we finally reached Elumpallam lake.This was also our last place to visit in Kodai as we had to check-out from the hotel and begin our return journey.

Soaking in the Sun

One last stop on our descent was Silver cascade falls.

And then on our way back

        We checked-in Madurai for resting just outside the Meenakshi Amman temple and after 3 hours of sleep and riding from 3 AM onwards finally reached Chennai at noon exhausted but happy to have done this tour.

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